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Purchase Information



  • Chihuahuas: $2500-6500 and up

  • French Bulldogs: $4000-20,000 and up

Price is based on quality and pedigree. Size also plays a factor in pricing, tiny puppies require more care and therefore cost more. Our puppies with Import lines and/or champion lineage will also cost more. For Frenchies: Fluffy (visual or carriers) plays a factor in pricing along with different types of color DNA​.


DEPOSITS: Deposits are absolutely NON REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. The ONLY time a deposit would be refunded would be in the event that the puppy dies while in my care or somehow becomes unfit for sale, in that case deposit and all monies paid will be refunded to the buyer within 60 days of said issue arising. Deposits are done to insure you are committed to buying a puppy. Backing out at the last minute not only wastes my time but causes the puppy to miss out on homes that would have wanted it. We urge you to think long and hard about placing a NON REFUNDABLE deposit before you do so. Deposits are $1500-$2800. Amount of the deposit is based on total price of the puppy. The deposit is deducted off total price. Deposits hold your puppy until it is 8 weeks old, at this point the remaining balance of the puppy MUST be paid in full, or all monies will be forfeit and the pup will go up for sale. Deposits are transferable to the next available litter if the need should arise to wait.


PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept payment via emailed invoice for deposits and payments. As a courtesy we also accept Zelle and Cash App as payment methods, but we much prefer the invoice method.

FINAL PAYMENT/SHIPPING: All monies owed for the amount of the puppy, and any other fees owed such as Shipping amount if applicable are due on the date the puppy turns 8 weeks old.  NO EXCEPTIONS. This insures there are no delays when scheduling Shipping or Pick up date.​ *Due to the travel time and my work schedule, Nanny flights and in person flights can only be scheduled on WEEKENDS (Sat/Sun).*

**PLEASE NOTE: While I do my best to work around the new families schedule as well as mine when scheduling shipping dates, any issues that causes delays (Cancelled Flights, inclement Weather, company Processing issue, etc.) is entirely out of my control. Shipping dates are discussed, agreed upon, and scheduled a week or more in advance. HOWEVER I highly recommend being available on the following days of original booking, in case things need to be rescheduled for any reason. Getting your puppy home in a timely manner is of the upmost importance, but please be patient and understanding if an issue occurs.**

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